Project Risks
Project risk and definition gaps identified in early planning
Financial Risks
Reduce project and financial risks and improved outcomes
Project Implementation
Improve project implementation and performance system
Ensuring the project is efficiently granted the 'green light' in time for it to begin
Adequate scope critical activities definition
Develop effective cost estimates
Execution Phase
Prevent changes, recycle and minimise disruptive effect in execution phase - when changes cannot be avoided
Team Development
Adequate project team development to influence the project outcomes at each stage
Implement industry best practices
Quick project financial investment decisions
Assurance that the deal/project/transaction will deliver the organisation's commercial objectives
Value Protection
Identify and close value leakage gaps and enhance value protection opportunities
best People
Includes best-of-breed selection of team members for the perfect project.
We are happiest when doing our best work for our best clients
project speed
All our projects are managed with high priority in mind