We work with some of the world’s largest energy companies to optimise the value chain of their business.


Our approach to service delivery is seamless and adheres to best global practices for maximum impact.


At Aberdeen Commercial, we are driven by the excellence to deliver on critical world-class services to our numerous clients. And we are passionate in what we do. In our bid to promote sound commercial services to our clients, we deploy our pool of highly experienced commercial experts on the frontline for this purpose. And in pursuant of our clients’ overall effectiveness in the market, we have the unparalleled capability to supplement their existing resources and specialists or provide such resources that may not be available to them in-house.

There is an obvious and unique advantage to rendering these services for the overall benefits of our clients; the automatic matching of users based on out tried and tested approach.

We are industry experts; with more than a century of unmatched experience to our advantage. Our expertise spans such vital industrial services as legal, upstream commercial, contracting and procurement, and capital assurance. For a more inclusive and complete services’ package, we also provide cost mitigation advisory and executive support services.
At Aberdeen Commercials, we are trust personified. Our services are hinged on a pivotal relationship clause; trust. We well understand the importance of this factor in our relationship building with our global community of clients. And our passion is in building such core value as necessary for a lifetime relationship in all our business dealings; no wonder we are courted worldwide as the darling partner by the biggest names in the industry.
You need trusted and best-in-class expert-level solutions for your commercial and procedural challenges, no doubt. This is a part of our strong points. With our team of experts, we provide peace of mind through rendering unparalleled leadership and experience in developing proven solutions on this wise.
We are adaptable to the ever changing world of technological innovations, and so deploy the latest technologies in carrying out our jobs across the globe through our team of experts.

Why Choose Us?

There are a ton of good reasons to choose Aberdeen Commercial industrial solution services. We are industry experts. We deliver only on ethics. With more than 200 years of unmatched industry experience, we are at the top of our game, and are experts at providing tailored proven-solutions to each of our client’s needs. We understand the pivotal roles played by such vital services as legal, upstream commercial, contracting and procurement, capital assurance, cost mitigation and advisory, execution support to companies, government and organisations in the effective running of industries and institutions. And we provide these services on an expert level on a global scale.

You Need A Trusted And Dependable Partner In Your Business Dealings,

And These Core Values Are At The Very Heart Of Our Operations.