We are Aberdeen Commercial. At the centre of our operations, we provide essential services necessary for our clients’ utmost success and sustainability. Such services include a broad range of detailed technical, commercial and strategic advice across various industries.

Furthermore, with a shared experience of well over 200 years in commercial and strategic-planning development, capital development and end to end supply chain management, our team of leading consultants and experts stand out as a first choice in the global sourcing of human resources. Moreover, with unrivalled excellence in service delivery, achieved through years of consistently providing high quality, impartial, technically sound and astute commercial services to our clients, we readily stand out as the industry reference point for top-notch quality service delivery.

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We are well aware of the undeniable technical truth; industries encounter challenges in their supply chain processes. Here, Aberdeen Commercial rises to the occasion, by providing first-class commercial consultations that are tailored towards our clients’ individual needs -globally. We have through the years honed the necessary expertise needed to handle the toughest commercial challenges and so produce remarkable solutions for our numerous clients. As an extension of our critical services, we also provide for businesses, the resources needed to maintain standard operational procedures that are in tandem with best global industry standard practices. At ABERDEEN COMMERCIAL, our clients cut across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, alongside other businesses and institutions. And we continuously innovate to provide them with a broad range of detailed technical, commercial and strategic advice. We have the expertise needed to make you a leader in your desired field, notwithstanding the level of maturity of your organisation.


At Aberdeen Commercial, our aim is simple: help our clients become industry leaders by deploying world-class standard processes and procedures that are globally applicable, competitive and would produce more value for the organisations. We are also particular about sustainable relationships, achievable through our mentoring and continuous update.


At Aberdeen Commercial, excellence is our watchword. So, we promote sound commercial services. We are also equipped, through our wealth of resources, to provide our clients with specialist resources that are needed to supplement their in- house processes. In furtherance of our passion for excellence at providing our clients with a total support package, we also assist them in the implementation of the processes that are indispensable for their projects to produce the desired commercial outcome and fulfil their organisational goals.

You Need A Trusted And Dependable Partner In Your Business Dealings,

And These Core Values Are At The Very Heart Of Our Operations.